Saturday, 30 March 2013

DBanj Records Drops “D’ Kings Men” Album Track-List

DBanj Records Drops “D’ Kings Men” Album Track-List

The wait is finally over, after several months of speculation, D’banj records presents it’s maiden album D’ Kings Men; a compilation album which includes tracks from the worldwide superstar D’Banj, and his label mates Kayswitch and J.Sol.


Several months of serious and inspiring hard work has paid off… This 17-track album comes fully loaded (we aren’t exaggerating), is bundled with 4 hit-bonus tracks and features several local and international collaborations. The album also contains several hit songs, including the smash hit “Top Of The World” and is set to showcase the versatility of the artistes on DBanj Records across different genres of music.

…the official tracks are:

1.Ibadi E (Let It Bounce)D’Banj ft. (*@&%^!&
2.Why You Love Me Like ThatD’Banj
3.Who DatKayswitch
4.Give MeD’Banj
5.Scape Goat (the fix)D’Banj ft. !@$$#%&
6.For ExampleKayswitch
9.  Money On My MindKayswitch & J.Sol
10.Top Of The WorldD’Banj & J.Sol
11.So FlyJ.Sol
12.Lugga (Bad Nigga)D’Banj ft. &&@^&!@
13.Skit (overshadow)
14 Don’t Tell Me NonsenseD’Banj
15.Nous les meilleurs (We The Best)D’Banj ft. %!^%@#
16.Don’t WaitKayswitch & ^%!>~£
17.WillinglyD’Banj ft. *!&&@^$#
Bonus Tracks
2.Cash FlowD’Banj
4.Sister CaroKayswitch & D’Banj

We will open up the window for pre-ordering the CDs in the next few days. Also notice that there are no typos in the track-list above, our Maiden Album comes loaded with lots of exciting goodies and we’re not about to spoil that for y’all… from
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